Wednesday, 4 February 2009


So this is it. The end. Flying over and into a beautiful white blighty was the absolute nail in it all. Im home. did that all happen ? yes it did ! and i will never forget any of it. well actually i have forgotten most of it. there is so much to hold in the memory box. Aside from "what now", my mind keeps firing in the odd flash of what was. mostly comical moments and wonderful faces. Lets hope smells, faces, circumstances, music and more, trigger more hidden memories.................................... A few stats : 22000 miles, 15 countries (regarding Alaska as independent), 4 rear tyres, 5 front tyres, 2 batteries, 2 chains, 2 choke cables, 2 clutch cables, 100 stickers, 2 close ones (1 being my falt), 2 TV interviews, 2 radio interviews, 5 national newspaper interviews, 3 magazines, 2 tearful episodes with head in hands, 1 moment with a wolf, 2 moments with cuddly bears, 1 dead snake, 1 dead bird, 1 moment with bandits, 2 moments with the police, 0 military moments, 0 robberys, 0 arguements with the locals, 1000 chicken and rice meals, 10000 empanadas (if ya know where they sell these little rascals in London, do let me know now please), 1000 new friends, 6 offs (small pain), 0 loss of documents, 0 punctures, 1 pair of lost boots, 2 lost cameras, 3 lost silly hats, wouldnt know where to start guessing at how much gasoline used. well then time to go. no more blogs.. some might be glad to hear.. thank you all those who suffered and stuck with the blog. i apologise for all the spelling , grammer and all mistakes. My just giving page is still open, so if you are considering sponsoring me and donating to the fragile x society, now the job is done, please click the JG widget on the right of this page. We have nearly hit the £6000 mark. £10000 being the target. I am amazed at that amount. I thank you once more !! on the right hand side have been updated. "click for simons pics".... . All countries visited gave me nothing but open arms, help and big smiles. the reputation of some of these places is covered in darkness. i found nothing but light. They offer things i dont find in the UK. Would you offer a bed to a complete stranger, mad eyed, covered in oil and mud, splurting out alien language ?.... i will always think on these places and feel warmth. bye bye !! x