Saturday, 13 October 2007

big thank you`s !

I want to say on behalf of the Fragile X society & myself huge thanks to the following : Dirt Bike Rider monthly magazine, for covering the fragile x pedition on their website. DBR is a superb magazine covering all aspects of off-road riding. Get all the latest information on motocross, supercross & all things off-road. Covering key events, in depth interviews & expert opinions as well as the latest tests on new machines. A passionate bunch !

Thank you Motorcycle News. The quintessential motorcycling paper. For their section on the Fragile X Pedition. MCN the voice of motorcycling

And a big thank you to Geoff Hill, author of "The road to Gobblers Knob". A fast paced, compassionate, hilarious and inspirational tail of 2 men out there amongst it on motorcycles, riding the length of the Pan American highway, from the bottom to the top. Read this book and you will be out there amongst it also, without leaving your seat. Brilliant !. Geoff has kindly mentioned the FXPedition in his News paper. "The Newsletter"....
An immense thank you also, to Salvador, my Spanish teacher. Salvador has given me his free time and patience, with a number of one to one lessons as a donation to the FXPedition. These one to one`s do not come cheap. I strongly recommend Salvador as a teacher in Espanol. He is articulate, friendly, understanding and has the ability to bring out confidence and get the information untangled in heads, especially mine, which is a tall order ! I am now actually beyond just saying " Una ceveza por favor ". I recommend him without doubt, if you are considering learning Spanish in London. If so please contact me and i will forward his details. Thank you mate !

Thank you TRANSWORLD COURIERS for the very generous unconditional donation to the Fragile X Society. I have been working with Transworld for around 10 years now, sending all sorts all over the planet, from Jars of missed marmite to Australia, Extremely urgent cd-roms to the states, forgotten underwear to the far east and next day documents to every destination imaginable all for competitive prices and always on time. They deal with our impossible requests as easy as i ask them to. But what always gets me in their direction is the one to one personal, friendly way they do their stuff, not a 10 minute soul destroying automated nightmare chain on the phone. I have made some great friends with them , without ever meeting any of them. SO once again, Thanks Val, sonia, Daniel, steve, nick, and all at TWC !.........Please click and clock the TRANSWORLD COURIERS LINK ON THE RIGHT, whenever you want move ya stuff around the planet

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