Sunday, 18 November 2007

Rejection - Understanding - Solace - Excitement !

" This sponsorship malarkey , will be a doddle ! - companies and people will want to give, knowing their donation is going straight to a worthy cause and not funding some naive nut case who plans to ride a motorcycle up and over everywhere "

That was my first thought, as this idea of the FXpedition bombarded my brain, leaving not much room for any other thoughts, instincts, or even desires. I was a little off the mark. It has become the hardest challenge i have ever found my face facing. One that has had me waking up the wrong way round in bed, with the covers wrapped around my neck, on more than a few occasions. I wouldn`t change it for anything ! I have been sending emails and phoning all sorts of companies, from local hot dog sellers to huge global munching corporates. Some have said back to me " yes, we are interested, send us your plans" some have said "soooo, what publicity are you getting ? " but most say " NO ! . publicity, thats the Profound key. I need constant articles in all publications, reaching a wide base of readers. So far i have been lucky in finding the wonderful people from, bike animal, dirt bike rider mag and briefly MCN, who as i have mentioned in past posts have given me publicity, reaching the motorcycle audience here in the UK. I am no journo, with an agent so getting constant articles written in the larger publications is near on impossible, but i will keep trying to charm and convince the rascals to let me in ! then the larger would be donaters will raise more than one eyebrow. We have the big NEC bike show next week, so i am going to stick my face in every direction there. It will be a chance to meet all sorts of people involved in all aspects of biking. I have made hundreds of flyers (pic above) that have been scattered everywhere, in tea shops, bike shops, on top drink dispensers, in prams, in pockets, in windows and everywhere i see a gap. Thank you Andrew Morten, down there in KIWI heaven for spreading the word, and especially getting that radio mention in Auckland. Thanks to Nadine and the other Simon Siggs (top name !) down there in OZ for flying the flyers all over also !

I am chuffed to pieces and will be forever grateful to all the people who have individually donated so far. Every time i see another donation, my confidence blooms and i get hungrier to see this through. Your generosity is unsurpassed. I have to say AON, my primary sponsor have been amazing. They have backed me with no questions asked or no pressure of getting them publicity. Thank you AON.

My route South is evolving in exciting ways i wasn`t expecting. I have been getting some fantastic correspondence going with people from all over the Americas, involved with Fragile X Syndrome. I am now riding more easterly in Canada, moving off of the Rockies spine and heading for Saskatoon, where i hope to meet up with Jamie, an enthusiastic young lady, who has a nephew with Fragile X. Jamie is on her own mission for Fragile X, so i wish her all the best with that, knowing she, after only some small correspondence will take all challenges she faces, in her stride. Uruguay is calling also. Virginia , the secretary of the Uruguay Fragile X association, i have been corresponding with, so i am going to turn left out of Bolivia, riding across northern Argentina, with a small side trip ( a couple of 1000km) to find the Valle De La Luna (the valley of the moon, how can i resist ?!!), heading back to cross from Argentina into Uruguay at Frey bentos (ring any bells ??). Or if the present political grief hasn't subsided by then at that crossing, i will cross more northerly at Paysandu or Concordia, then head down into montevideo where i hope to meet Virginia, Daniela, who has a son affected with Fragile X, and all the others in their association. We will strive to get local publicity from their local media, which will spread some needed awareness. I am really excited about visiting Uruguay because i hadn`t planned on going there. Next, i am riding down into Patagonia to visit senor Flia Gracia Owen, who has brilliantly written to me also. Flia lives in Trelew, a gorgeous scenic part of Argentina, situated very close to Gaiman, which is an enigmatic welsh settlement town in windy beautiful Patagonia. The FXPedition is turning into something global, something i didnt even imagine it would be. I am happier than ever over what its becoming. Fingers crossed i will get more contact with people over there, to Zig Zag my route even more, taking me to new unthought of places on that magnificent, diverse, otherworldy landmass !

I want more stickers to saturate my bike with, so if you have a company large or small, sponsor this venture so i can stick your company stickers all over my panniers ! send me your t-shirts aswell, so i can wear them when getting media photos taken on this advertising opening of a trip ! If you are interested and have ideas of your own, i am all ears and up for more challenges on route !


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Maddy said...

Newbie - what a fabulous expedition. My brother took a year off work for a long trek a few years ago so I know [a little bit] about the difficulties of funding.
Best wishes