Sunday, 31 August 2008

Have you lubed it?

Simon arrived on thursday and it has been a flurry of activity finishing everything to finally get out the door. One of the harder activities of the last few days was mounting the new tires on my bike.  I was so excited to finish with the rear wheel and put it all back together and go for a ride around town to rerun some tools that we had borrowed. When i started down the road the bike shook like it was going to fall apart. We went back home to sort it out thinking maybe I made the rear wheel out of true when i was trying to break the bead to remove the old tire. Thankfully it was much simpler the bead of the new tire was not seated properly. After 2 hours of inflation and deflation a little help form gerry and Simon we were completely frustrated and still not done. So I went up to the tire shop in town and he said " Have you lubed it up good?". I went home put some dish soap around the bead and amazingly it was done. 
It is the simple things I often forget. I am sure there will be plenty more of those from here on out, so let the adventure begin. A little packing and off we go. 

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Maddy said...

Ah now that's a trick I learned from my daughter.
Best wishes and have a great time