Thursday, 21 August 2008

Out of Alaska into Canada and the endless mist

It is always hard leaving Alaska. This time wasnt different. The sun was kind to me while i was up there. Only a couple of days wet. Tok is the last town before the Canadian border. I met Teddy there, whilst waiting for a moose to get out of the road. She stood there for 5 minutes staring at me, until i got my camera out to shoot her, then she sloped off, not before i managed to get a pic of her. Teddy pulled up as i was waiting there. A gold prospecter, probably one of the last of his kind. Even had the dangly white beared hiding 2 black teeth. A manic laugh and a wacko excitement in everything. Had to leave him that night though, coz he wanted me to join him sleeping under the freezing stars, with vacum wrapped salmon half eaten laying next to us all night. He said "the bears wont bother us", but i scared out of that gamble. Had a top nights send off with my Alaskan mates, in Girdwood. A glorious meal in great company and a viewing of the town dogs chasing a black bear and her cubs up a tree. She just sat there, legs dangling from a branch, like a human kid for ages till the dogs got bored. It was a breeze crossing the border, no waiting time. At Beaver creek, the first Canadian town i met up with a swiss couple that i had met in Anchorage. Guido and Gaby. They have been on the road for 2 years riding north from Argentina on their BMW 1200`s, which they curse after endless problems. Rode with them for 3 days covering around 900 miles. We camped all the time, which is the best option for saving money. B & B`S are very expensive up here. My first Aon call came in Whitehorse along the yukon river. I got there on a sunday, but thought thats ok coz i will just go and say hello on the monday, but alas, it was a yukon provincial days holiday on the monday. A celebration of the first gold to be found in the area, back in 1896. Not to mind though, i took a few snaps of the Aon office. A small place with 3 reserved car bays for the employees. A real contrast in size to devonshire sq. At the moment i am in Grande Praire, Alberta. It hasnt stopped raining for 3 days now. My visor is almost ruined and its to cold to make more miles today. Almost 4000 miles to now. Will be more specific with all details soon. Waiting on responses from publications along the way also, fingers crossed !!

Aon office- Whitehorse - Yukon Canada

Gabby & Guido - 2 years on the road

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Anonymous said...

2 years on the road!! I couldn't imagine!

Alaska has some beautiful scenery. YOu are making me want to go visit :)....though not on a

You are doing an amazing thing! We all appreciate it.