Saturday, 13 September 2008

Pete´s thoughts from Mexico.

That is the sunset from outside the Internet office tonight. We spent the day buying a new front tire for Simon and getting it mounted. We were able to fine teh tire aftergoing back to the Suzuki shop and being sent to SoloMoto, where they had a rather good selection of knobbies but not so much I the dual sport variety. We sid find a nlup that will make him a few more miles quite possibly therest of the way. The hard part was mounting it. Much like when I changed mine at home we needed to pinch atube befre we got it done right. After not being able to get any air init with the foot pump, we wondered down to the tire shopp, just 2 blocks away to find out it would not hold air. They we ind enough to have use retun after 4 to have it done properly. So just rememer that from 2 to 4 in most mexican towns thewre is not much you can have done and if you are not in the toolies have the professionals do it. We did meet a group af realy nice people and two of the fellow spoke or should I say tried to speak to use for a hour about our bikes and our ride. Very nice. I just wih I could remember there names.

Here is a distant view of what we have seen in the past few days. Here we are looking at it from afar, but let me tell you we have ridden through alot of it . The paper today talked about a state of disaster that has been declared due to the worst rain since 1979. ¿ho would have thought it would be raining in Mexico and Central America in hurricaine season? Has made it interesting though.
The other news that may be a suprise or,maybe not I am heading back north in teh morning and will be leaving Simon to travel alone again. It has been a great almost two weeks but I have realize this is much bigger than I have expected and am going to go back home. I have realized this last week that I have not prepared as I should have and am going to head back to the states. I feel as if I am leaving Simon short, but he is much stronger than any of you may have ever thought. He is determined to finish this ride and I don´t want to slow him down. So tomorrow we will pack up possible go seee teh coast at San Blas tgeather and part ways. Si sout and me to the north. I will continue to spread teh word and offer my support, just not in peron. So Simon and the rest of you. YOU HVE NOT HEARD THE LAST FROM ME. Onward Frigile X-Pedition. I am sorry for the spelling, those of you who know will unedstand. The spell check just would not work. Pete

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Anonymous said...

You guys have come so far. I know a little bit of rain won't stop you guys :)