Friday, 5 September 2008

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says it all
along the old route. Its all but disapeared now they say. with many tears from the harley boys
Aon Phoenix
The view from Aons floor in the Viad tower. The southern mountains as a backdrop. Phoenix has the best road system i have ever ridden in. Its hard to get lost, aye pete ?
The Viad tower
Moument valley. strange and wonderful. where the mind wonders & wanders
modern gypsies - arizona
the grand canyon from the south rim

dirt devil pete. valley of the gods
valley of the gods

pete and the sky at mexican hat
riding into the monument valley

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Anonymous said...

I live near monument valley and seeing the trailers (homes) being trucked through town is nothing. It happens all the time!! Crazy huh!! :)

Thanks for the email. Keep your hopes up. God is with you and he has a plan. You didn't get this far for nothing!!