Thursday, 2 October 2008

not quite in colombia yet, but almost !

Just a few days away from sailing around coastal curves and islands to get to cartagena, colombia. Its nuts that theres only about 100 miles from the last section of road in panama to the border with colombia. Its possible to cross, only for the really fruitcake adventurous. The darien gap. i have mentioned it before. jungle, cartels, right wing and left wing guerillas, natives and mozzies carrying all the famous flesh, bone and brain rotting bacterea. Its a case of dragging the bike through gator rivers by your teeth. SOOOO my options are a boat or a plane. a plane cost too much ! so its the boat. I have met another rider. Omer, seen above sorting his KLR out. A new front tyre. Omer is from israel. he is riding down to ushuaia also. we are sort of scheduled to sail the sail boat, with captain Guido and his merrymen (well, i think he isnt alone)... from the paradise port of puerto lindo, atlantic panama. the trip takes 5 days, stopping off on the various san blas islands, to meet the native kuna tribes. The boat is a yacht as far as i know. A chunder bucket with me on board i am guessing....... I have a new back tyre, after searching at least 7 bike shops here in panama city. it isnt the needed dual sport knobby needed, but more like an R6 road gripper. i dont care as long as it gets me to at least cali, colombia, where i will sort out a knarley knobby to tackle the dirt of the andes. The last shop i found "Panama ATV STORE" were incredible in helping me find that elusive 17inch 5.10 tyre. what a nightmare we had. They rang around everywhere for 2 hours only to find that sticky rubber that fit. Luis the ATV manager actually drove to where ever and fetched the tyre. I have to say a million thanks to pete and luis and oriel for that help. A new battery was needed as the bike was coughing up an exhausting cry for help in starting. so a quick sighting of a huge battery shop helped there. Panama city is fast paced as they all are. a million cabs all leaning on their horns at the same time. brightly painted grafitti buses, driven by devils, screach in to every stop. ladies of the night smile and follow me everywhere. water ways on the road shoulder deep as a small man, to take away the downpours. humidity like never before- The lap tops are not, that, cheap here. the local larger , atlas, is 50 pence a bottle. pork in a thick tasty gravy with mixed rice. a boring hotel with miserable staff, sent me rushing to an atmospheric jamaican based hostel full of freindly israelies. states peeps and panamanians. free internet and smiles at the reception. A friendly ambitious chap named richard from elephant and castle. jimmy the cheeky cabbie trying to sell me the ladies in his life. All in all a great city with some sort of canal. think i crossed over that, via the bridge of the americas, overwelmed of the fact that man did that ! . Visited Aon panama aswell. THe 27th floor of a tall building named the generali tower. Situated in the heart of the busy financial district. I was welcomed and all listened to tails of the FXPedition. I am guessing at saying 50 staff ??.. top news from london ! the FXP has been mentioned in the business insurance europe magazine ! ... the awareness continues !! thank you amelia and alan. Also thank you so much Reuben ! at Aon dev sq. for keeping me posted and helping out !
financial area panama city
2 venezuelan adventurers - on their way home from alaska
the generali tower - floor 27 for aon - panama city
Meeting the aon panama employees.

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