Sunday, 26 August 2007

And so it begins

I am in the very early stages of organising, worrying, loving, annoying mates, stressing and planning, my motorcycle ride from prudhoe bay, alaska down through north america, mexico, central america and south america, to finaly crawl onto tierra del fuego, probably 5 to 6 months after actually leaving prudhoe. I am hoping to leave my home here in london, early august 2008 after grinding my brain to the bone and growing bivvy bags under my eyes, working 7 days a week as a messenger and a security guard to fund this venture. I have always had my head floating around our glorious planet, but never really imagined getting off my flat backside, until recent years, after a few small excursions to south africa, alaska, peru and chile on a motorcycle, with some excellent friends, i have grown the jewells to steam into a biggun. Aswell as having amazing experiences myself i have aimed to raise money and awareness for the fragile x syndrome charity (please see link) on this trip. the charity is close to my heart because my neice, Sian, my sister susans child, has fragile x . hopefully i can raise enough money to make the charity and the families involved have a better time of things for a while. i have a just giving page, on the right under the title. all money raised will go to the charity AND NON WHAT SO EVER WILL FUND ME . soooooo please take some time to look at the fragile x site and please consider seriously sponsoring me, as i fly off down the globe into dusty deserts, sweet smelling vinyards, short breath altitudes, condor skys, not to many bandit manors,temper testing border bureaucracy, voluptuous volcanoe valleys, ancient atmospheres, porky broths (trotters inc.), tango terraces, star saturated nights and the sincere smiles of a thousand sinoritas. watch this space !


Anonymous said...

I think it is just awesome that you are doing this for fragile x. I run a fx blog and will put you on my blogroll so people can check in on your progress :)

Georgina said...

Hi Reader...just send the 'F X pedition' link to all your contacts in your email lists..this is a great way to let people learn of the illness and decide whether or not to donate even if it is only £1..."!!!!!!!!!!