Saturday, 1 September 2007

i am not alone

Superb news ! i shall not ride alone, i have an intrepid, fearless, life and laughter lover joining me for the trip. Pete Peil the corageous coloradian. I met pete this year, 07, during the peru / chile excursion. Here in the photo he can be seen absorbing information from the gargantuan blue skies above the sinuous peruvian pan americana, or just grabbing a kip inbetween wrestling 100km rides, only he knows. I am chuffed that he`s joining me. There is a large part of me that wants to do the trip on my own, but with friend i think more doors and highways will open and there isnt better than petes company. Hes an experienced rider especialy at high altitudes and on dirt. A nurse by trade, who happened to be there for my moments of "arghhhhhhhhhhhhh" in peru / chile. A very amicable chap who is well up for a challenge, new experience and laughs along the way. Good on ya pete !


Neal Pleasance said...

Good luck Simon and Pete. Simon, when you first mentioned your ideas for this adventure I always knew that you would see it through.

Keep updating the blog with all your news, its already made great reading and I look forward to reading more.

All the best, Neal P (Fellow rider).

Dean & Terry said...

Go for it Si (Easyrider) Buena Suerte!

Dean & Terry

Luckygeorge said...

I know this guy, never have any doubts that he will see this thru..he has a BIG heart and great enthusiasm..