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Wednesday 03/05/08 09:12

Today I spoke with Simon, the first time have spoken to him since being in South America, and the second time I have heard his voice. I have been in a blue funk for the past few days and in and out of funk for the past few months. However, yesterday after work in the morning I was ecstatically surprised to hear the accented limy on my voice mail. Then this morning we spoke and I have a new feeling.
I will start to put some of my ideas to work. As Ted has told me “You have great ideas your problem is that you just think and talk and never act”. I am taking this to heart. I have committed to 4 weeks of riding once Simon arrives in Colorado. I am going to take the logo and see what I can do with T-shirts. I think that the more I do the more involved I will stay and the more I will be able to function. So with that said I will start with the tax refund, $4000 to put in the bank soon. I have a KLR on Craiglist that I will check out. I will also start with Lee to get a deal on some gear from Darin. Talk to Connie about T-Shirts on Saturday. See you next time.

Wednesday 05/21/08 2141

Today oil hit $155 a barrel and the reality of $5.00 a gallon of gas is here. What does that have to do with Fragile Xpedition. While I was watching the news I became worried again. I was stressing on how I may be in over my head and losing the sight of the fact that I don’t really care. I have always said that it is only me and none has to pick up after me. I was wondering to myself have I really done it and maxed out. I may have.
However, while I was riding the Mineral Belt I had the spark. I was thinking about solar energy for the house, grease for the ambulance and maybe propane for the van. That is what it is all about. I decided that I will pull this trip off . I will return and begin to make these dreams reality. As Ted says “You have great idea’s, you just need to act.” So I will start working towards that goal. Today was a huge step forward. I went to the Dentist. I did something for me.

Tuesday 06/10/08
I have been thinking what I should put on paper or computer screen so here we go. Last weekend I was in Moab Utah with a friend. We road our bikes over and then meet up with a couple of others in a 4x4 and we headed out on the Kokapelli trail. It is a 4x4 trek over to Moab. The plan was a little riding and then camp for the night and then into town for some motorcycle tech stuff. Well, to our surprise we were able to do some trail side repairs with a little ingenuity and a pair of vise grips. I broke a cluth cable and was able to put it back together with vise grips. things like this that will come up on our way south, so it is always good to know we have skills.
Well that was last week this week I am back in Wisconsin with my family. It is the first all family vacation we have had as adults. We have rented a cabin, well I should say a house on the lake and all the toys, and have brought all our selves together to celebrate our parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. What does this have to do with Fragile Xpedition? I have brought the bike here to be ridden, that makes my ass tougher, and also to get some input from my dad and my brother. Dad is the mechanic and my brother is the one that I watched riding motorcycles growing up and were I first dreamed of riding around the country and now the world. It is good to have them present while I prepare for this. I have always enjoyed there imput and there presence, but have not been able to have it due to our geographic separation. I would love to have them around, but our lives have taken us separate directions and we must take advantage of our time together. Well enough of that, glad we are able to share.
As Simon prepares to head to Alaska and start heading south, I am anxiously preparing here in Colorado for his arrival and our departure south from here. We have been talking on the phone and making plans. I have the bike, a 2004 KLR 650. The panniers have arrived from Happy trails and today I went to Areostich and picked up a pair of Darian Pants. I think all I have to do is prepare my stuff and do a couple of more packing trial runs. The first was with out the panniers last weekend when we went over to Moab Utha and did a little dual sport riding, a few trail repairs and some networking. Still have some work to do. Ok I will call it quits for now and I will try and write something meaningful tomorrow.

Well I am sitting here again and trying to figure out what to say. As much as I have been thinking about all this since Simon brought it up last year, the last few months have really had my mind racing. The month of May has been most productive. I received the stickers that I ordered and I also had some t-shirts made. It has been fun distributing them and talking about the trip.
I also picked up my new used KLR that will take me through Central America with Simon. I was so proud of find the old girl on line making the deal and bringing her home for my birthday. Now that she has been in the stable for a month I am wondering if I should have been more diligent about finding a newer bike. I went to Moab Utah last week and had a bit of a problem when a clutch cable broke in the back country. Not a huge problem, just a bit of thinking a vise grips and we were able to make it to town and buy a replacement. Today I went to go for a ride after we mounted my pannier racks and heard a clunk. Stopped, took a look and noticed I had broken my master link in the chain. Again not a big deal went over to the local shop and picked up a new link and prepared to put it all back together, not so quick. When remounting the chain I noticed a bit of play in the rear wheel and noticed I may have a bad rear wheel bearing. So I will need to tear it down and see what it needs. All a bit discouraging since I am planning to put 10000 miles on the old girl. Some might look as this is just the beginning of many issues and problems that will come up as we make our way south. I just look at them as training. We are going to meet some great people and have a few bumps in the road, but I figure if it can be fixed or solve we will be able to do it. The couple of challenges I have had and we will encounter along the way are nothing compared to the families living with Fragile X. I look forward to the challenge and look forward to spreading the word in order to make their challenges a bit easier. wish me luck.

Saturday 06/21/08

Today I have been working on my rear hub and have determined that it is beyond my capability. I have this lateral play in the rear sprocket. I originally thought I may be missing a spacer after researching the problem at KLR World .com, however after taking it apart and inspection it with the parts diagram all parts are there. So I am going to see if the KLRWorld folks have any suggestions and then take it in to be examined by a expert. I am really getting excited. I have a copy of the Long Way Down and am watching it as I prepare some stuff. I feel like the task at hand is overwhelming, but it will all come together. Until next time.
Since Simon has asked me to write a note for the blog I have written rewritten and written again. The last month it has all been coming to reality. I purchased my KLR and have been sorting it out. A used bike although economical needs some tender loving care. Broke a clutch cable on a trip to Utah last month and was able to test my trail road side mechanical skills. All worked out and it made me realize the importance of planning ahead. The panniers we order arrived before my trip home to WI for my parents 50th wedding anniversary, what a accomplishment, so I toke them with me and had the pleasure of my fathers help in mounting them. It was a great feeling to work with Dad and have his assistance in my preparations.
While I was home I was blessed to spend time with my brother, sisters nieces and nephews. It made me so grateful that all are healthy reaffirming the importance of our mission; raise awareness and funds for the families of the world that suffer from Fragile X. It is easy to forget the needs of others when all of your family is safe and healthy. I am so excited to be able to be a part of this. I`m so EXCITED. Cant wait for you to get here Simon.

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