Sunday, 3 August 2008

On my way !

This is it, after 14-ish months of obsession, unsettled sleep, excitment, doubt and confidence wrestling, research, then more research, Just work, wonder & aiming high, its finally here, the morning of departure. No longer is life about talk, work and organising. Its about finally putting it into action. No more words, just doing it. I`m not an Oasis fan, but i am smiling right now listening to "we`re gonna make it happerrrrnnnnahhh " aptly on the airwaves. London looks angry this morning. A sheet of grey is hanging over it. The radio has just mentioned another man dies from stab wounds last night. Even those birds aint singing this morning. The trees aint swaying. Its all still and seems to be growling. 2 hours time i am out of here !

There hasn`t been much to write on the blog over the past few months. Its been hard to know what to say, without digressing into irrelevance, but that all stops here. The road should do the writing from now. I do want say more thanks though. All at work have been incredible. The boys in the postroom and the boys from weekend security. Thanks for the high tolorance and the laughs, which kept me from slipping away somewhere not nice, where i could`ve easily slipped. The Panama hats will come flying in very soon and i expect them worn !Everyone in the various medias who actually took me seriously and spread the essential awareness in perfect ways. Nite watches, bike animal, dirt bike rider, riders digest, & all those word of mouths. Cheers loads , Ash at A & Z Sports, one of the last independent sports shops out there, for the top t-shirts. Thank you AON for taking the venture on board and getting the news out there ! Thank you everyone who has donated to the cause and for your kind words of encouragement, that really sink in and help me more than you could know. Thanks Mike for the info and the wonderful encouraging stories of your adventure. Salvador and the language lessons, can`t wait to gain in confidence speaking spanish at last, thank you !. Nice one Maggie ! have a wonderful wedding mate ! Friends and family have been right behind me on this idea, thank you ! i won`t let you down !

The bag has been packed a week and i can just about lift it above knee level. There is no way i have forgotten anything. Gatwick, then Vancouver for a night, before reaching Anchorage, the top left hand corner of the map. A 40th birthday on the 5th, then the road north to Prudhoe Bay, then turn around south to the bottom of the planet. Pete, i am nearly there mate ! see ya ! next post Alaska !


Anonymous said...

omg...that is so exciting. Time sure does fly!!! Good luck. Can't wait to hear more about your journey. And thank you for doing this for all of us affected by fragile X syndrome :)

SB said...

GOOD LUCK and Godspeed. I'll be praying for you!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 40th bday :)

Hope the trip is going great!!